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Congratulations to our first recipient of the

Barrett King

Performing Arts Schloarship

Natalie Ealum

We were so honored to have Betty King,  Barrett's wife present Natalie with her schloarship. 

Blue Fire Theatre, a philanthropic theatre,

that creates life out – loud theatrical experiences. 

We connect with our community through stories that make us

think, feel, laugh, love and become inspired.

Blue Fire Theatre's mission is to enrich and contribute to 

our community through the performing arts.  

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So we added an afternoon workshop
1:00 - 2:30pm 

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Blue Fire Theatre is opening the arts, via a variety of workshops, to any area youth interested in participating.

By setting the registration fee on a pay what you want structure, it allows anyone ages

7-18 years old the opportunity to participate regardless of ability to pay.

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