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Project Centre Stage

At Blue Fire Theatre (BFT), our mission is:

To enrich and contribute to our community through the performing arts.

Part of our contribution is Arts Education.

We are committed to offering performing arts educational opportunities for all area youths.

Project Center Stage, funded in part with a grant from Rayonier,  will bring performing arts education to any interested youth 7- 18 years old on a pay what you want basis.

There will be no set fee for the program. Only a small minimum fee will be required.

Each family will register online and be able to pay what they can afford.

This program will give any young person, regardless of their ability to pay,

race, creed, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression,

age, height, weight, and physical abilities the opportunity to learn more

about all aspects of theatre. Project Centre Stage is planned as workshops focusing on different aspects of the performing arts. Instructors will teach, acting, improv, vocal techniques, musical theatre, movement, production (lights, sound etc..) and a variety of theatre exercises. The program is planned to take place several times a year.

We will also offer a limited number of scholarships.

Blue Fire Theatre is opening the arts, via a workshop, to any area youth interested in participating. By setting the registration fee on a pay what you want structure, it allows anyone ages 7-18 years old the opportunity to participate regardless of ability to pay.

Watch for workshop info coming soon!!