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Auditor registration - if you are interested observing and taking notes for this masterclass the cost is $15.00. 

Masterclass: Acting Through Song with Devin Clevenger

Course Description: In the Acting Through Song Masterclass, aspiring performers will have the opportunity to delve into the captivating world of musical theater and refine their skills in acting, singing, and stage presence. This intensive masterclass is designed to empower students to emotionally connect with the material, unlocking their full potential as versatile and compelling performers. Throughout the masterclass, students will focus on the art of storytelling through song, honing their ability to deliver a powerful and authentic performance that resonates with audiences. Under the guidance of a seasoned industry professional Devin Clevenger, participants will receive individualized attention and feedback tailored to their unique talents and areas of growth.


Each student will need to provide to provide their own sheet music in the correct key correct key before the masterclass. 

Key Features:

1. Song Selection and Preparation: Students will be required to select and prepare one full song from a musical that showcases their vocal range and acting abilities. They will receive guidance on song selection to ensure it aligns with their strengths and challenges them to expand their skills.


2. Acting Techniques: Participants will explore various acting techniques and methods specifically tailored for musical theater. Through a combination of exercises, students will deepen their understanding of character development, subtext, and emotional authenticity.


3. Vocal Coaching: Alongside acting instruction, students will receive vocal coaching to enhance their singing technique, breath control, and vocal expression. Emphasis will be placed on connecting the lyrics and music to the character's emotional journey, allowing the performer to tell a compelling story through their voice.


4. Stage Presence and Performance Skills: Participants will learn how to command the stage and captivate an audience through effective stage presence. They will develop skills in physicality, movement, gesture, and facial expressions, maximizing their ability to engage and communicate with the audience.


5. Performance Critiques: In a supportive and constructive environment, students will have the opportunity to showcase their prepared song and receive personalized feedback from both instructors and peers. Critiques will focus on the integration of acting, singing, and stage presence, with an emphasis on emotional connection and authenticity. By the end of the Acting Through Song Masterclass, students will have gained a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between acting and singing in musical theater. They will possess the tools and techniques to deliver emotionally compelling performances, leaving a lasting impact on audiences. This masterclass is an invaluable opportunity for any aspiring performer seeking to elevate their skills and take their musical theater career to new heights.

Meet your instructor - 

Devin Clevenger is an accomplished voice and acting teacher specializing in classical technique. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre and an emphasis in Vocal Performance from Belmont University in Nashville, TN, Devin brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to his teaching. With over a decade of professional experience, Devin has honed his skills and developed a deep understanding of classical vocal techniques. His training in musical theatre and vocal performance has equipped him with a comprehensive knowledge of vocal dynamics, breath control, and interpretation.


Devin's teaching approach is centered around fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for his students. He believes in tailoring his instruction to meet the individual needs of each student, recognizing their unique strengths and challenges. Devin's warm and encouraging demeanor enables students to feel comfortable and confident as they explore and develop their acting abilities.


Throughout his career, Devin has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of students, including beginners, intermediate-level singers, and advanced performers. His students have achieved remarkable growth and success under his guidance, earning recognition in local and regional competitions, as well as securing roles in prestigious productions.


Whether working with aspiring professionals or individuals seeking personal enrichment through vocal training, Devin is committed to helping his students reach their full potential and achieve their musical goals. His wealth of knowledge, genuine enthusiasm, and unwavering support make him an exceptional voice teacher dedicated to guiding students on their artistic journey.

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