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Give 5 - Help Blue Fire Thrive!


It is hard to believe another year has come and gone! 2022 was definitely a great year, all thanks to you. ♥♥

Thanks to you, our community, what we are building as Blue Fire Theatre (BFT) with our productions and programs continues to

make a difference on and off the stage.


An investment in Blue Fire Theatre and in the performing arts, is much bigger than just our organization. It's an investment in building quality of life for our community. Blue Fire is open to everyone, and we will only survive with the help of volunteers. Being a part of our orgainzation , for anyone,  no matter what your age, builds friendship, belonging, and acceptance. Together we can enchance not only our quality of life, but the cultural landscape in our community. And here at BFT will keep the "fire" burning as we work toward a home to call our own. 


So, with that....we kindly ask that you help us with our End of the Year Giving Campaign. Give 5 - Help Blue Fire Thrive. We wanted to do something a little different. That is, we wanted to make it something we felt, anyone might comfortably afford.  

Yes, we mean $5.00 - why just $5.00? We wanted to show that when A Lot of people give a donation like $5.00, it can really make a big difference. It's the collective effort that makes it significant. So, if you are reading this in an e-mail or you see our video on Facebook or Instagram, if it is financially feasible, please consider a donation of $5.00. 


FAQ:How do you use the donations?

General donations like this are used for our operating budget. Our operating budget consists of a variety of things, like show production costs, which can run anywhere from $750.00 - upwards of $5000.00. We have to pay for royalties, set construction, costumes, props, lights, sound, and hair / make-up. It goes to help support some of our community programs like our Free Firdays and our Project Center Stage progams for area youth. These funds also go to cover a variety of administrative costs in our operating budget.  

If you aren't able to give monetarily, here are a few amazing things you can do to support not only us but other not for profits.

  • Volunteer - it takes many hands to bring a show to life. 

  • Social Media - if you are on social media, be a Social Media Ambassador, by sharing our posts on your pages. 

  • Word of Mouth - Tell all your friends and family about Blue Fire Theatre. 

  • Become a Community Sponsor - In-Kind donations of goods and services are always welcomed.


2022 was a pretty awesome year. We found a temporary home with the support of the Yulee Lions Club. We produced two amazing shows, Last of the Red Hot Lovers and Nunsense. We enjoyed having SOLD OUT Broadway & Brew's at SJ Brewery and we started our Free Fridays and our Project Center Stage - Pay What You Wish Workshop for area youth. 


We are grateful for all of your support! Our volunteers, donors, community partners and audience members.  

Thank you to all of you who have already donated to Blue Fire Theatre. We appreciate any and all of your donations. 


If you are not interested in using our online donation platform, no problem! You are always welcome to send a check directly to
Blue Fire Theatre, P.O. Box 814, Yulee, Florida 32097. 


Thank you again!!! We are not us without you!!


Have a Merry and Bright Holiday Season and a Happy and Healthy New Year!! 


See you in 2023!!! ☺☺♥♥


Toni D'Amico and the Board of Directors 
Blue Fire Theatre

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